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What Our Happy Customers Have to Say:

Judith is amazing to work with, an incredibly thoughtful professional, patient, knowledgeable and transparent. She takes the time to explain the mortgage process clearly and thoroughly. Her number one priority is your buyers/borrower, she is flexible with all their different needs… she always says there is a “loan for every home”. I highly recommend her.

P. Martinez

Incredibly patience and Transparent.

As a first time home buyer, I can’t imagine what I would have done without Judith’s help. She was professional, informative, and supportive of my best interest. I’m grateful for what she has done above and beyond to make my first mortgage experience a better one.

S. Kim

Professional and Supportive

I have worked with Judith Dominguez for over 10 years on two home purchases as well as refinancing those homes. In December of 2019 Judith did another amazing refi for me saving me hundreds of dollars on my mortgage payment. That mortgage payment on the new refi went down so much that I was able to include my property taxes and homeowner’s insurance for the first time in my life! The money saved every month now covers my car payment.
I highly recommend Ms. Dominguez for any type of loan, she is experienced, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. I would not trust anyone else nor would my family, friends and colleagues who also now use Ms. Dominguez and have been very happy with her service.

L. Alderette

Experienced and Trustworthy

Judith is the most knowledgeable Mortgage Rep that I have worked with in the past 20 years. Her tenacity, dedication and passion while remaining compassionate, elevate her to the top of her field. She has been an invaluable partner and asset in my journey to help all buyers realize the dream of home ownership.

Dana Brown

Tenacity, Dedication and Passion

Attention to all of you who want a great deal, peace of mind and outstanding customer service. You have tried the rest but now it’s time to go with the best. Judith Dominguez is professional, caring, knowledgeable and more importantly honest. She went above and beyond the call of duty. Judith answered all my questions, responded immediately, and made me feel important. I highly recommend Judith Dominguez for all your home loans, refinances and any other needs you might have regarding home financing. She is certainly an asset, a remarkable human being and a wise mortgage consultant. Go with her and you will be forever thankful you did; she will get you into the right house, you will have a comfortable payment and more importantly you will live peacefully knowing Judith Dominguez got you the best deal!

G. Reyes

Professional and Knowledgeable

Our Mortgage Loan Process

We love helping our clients buy their dream homes, and because of our unique mortgage loan process, we do it faster and with more care than anyone in the industry. Here’s how we get your commitment in 72 hours and close your loan in 7 steps:


We’ll meet and have a discussion. A loan officer will consult with you on your credit, manage expectations, and go over in detail what your available financing options are based on your situation and needs. We’ll then help you pick your perfect match loan, including the loan program and interest rate, that is ideal for your family.


We move full speed ahead with your application, which includes gathering as much information as possible upfront. We’ll then inform you what additional documents are needed, including tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, and employment history.


After we receive the requested documents from you, we’ll promptly order an appraisal, title insurance, tax transcripts, verify your employment, and gather other documents needed for closing. One of our loan processors reviews the paperwork to “pre-underwrite” your loan, then it’s submitted for underwriting. Our underwriters rapidly, but thoroughly, access your loan to have it released within hours.


This is the step when you can breathe a sigh of relief. Your loan has been approved, but it comes with conditions that must be met before it can close. You’ll receive your loan commitment subject to these conditions, which your loan officer will work with you to address and resolve.


We’ll gather your additional documents noted in the conditional approval, as well as the third-party paperwork we ordered on your behalf. We then submit it all to the underwriter for “clear to close” on your loan.


The underwriter reviews your loan, affirms that all conditions have been met, and signs off on approval. Now your loan is officially ready to close!


Congratulations! You’re about to become a homeowner. We’ll schedule your closing, work with the closing attorney to assemble the final paperwork, and confirm the total funds needed at the closing table. The last step is receiving the keys to your new home!


5 Reasons Why You Should Work
with a Loan Officer

A Loan Officer provides mortgage options only from the financial institution, bank, or credit union they work for, while a Mortgage Broker acts as the matchmaker between the borrower and multiple mortgage lenders.

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why working with a Loan Officer can save you time, money, and hassle when buying a home or refinancing.

Loan Officers are more familiar
with the products they offer.

A Loan Officer is more knowledgeable on the products they offer because they focus on the specific loans provided by the bank or financial institution they’re employed by. They handle fewer types of loans, which makes them more of an expert on those products.

Loan Officers handle your entire
loan in-house, from start to finish.

Loan Officers handle your mortgage transaction in-house, which means they already have established relationships with the other internal departments involved with your loan. This can streamline the entire process, helping it go faster and smoother.

Loan Officers can resolve
issues more quickly.

Let’s say an issue comes up when your loan is in underwriting. As the Underwriter and Loan Officer work together closely, your Loan Officer can quickly and easily reach out to the Underwriter and help resolve issues immediately.

You don’t pay fees to
a Loan Officer.

As a borrower, you don’t pay any fees for a Loan Officer’s services. Therefore, your Loan Officer has no financial incentive to offer you one type of mortgage over another. They’ll connect you with a loan that best fits your situation, with no ulterior motive.

Loan Officers can be more flexible
on rates, closing costs, and unique
financial situations.

Loan Officers who work for a bank may be able to get you better rates and can save you money on closing costs. They also have more flexibility to work with different financial situations, like self-employment or non-traditional income. If you already have an established relationship with the bank by using their other products, they want to keep you as a satisfied customer and build on your relationship.

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We craft and train the area’s top-producing loan officers, giving you everything you need to succeed.

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Our Products

Home Buying

As a direct lender, we handle all your mortgage needs in-house. That means a streamlined application and approval process, faster closing, and our flexibility to make your dreams of homeownership a reality.


Access the equity in your home, get a lower interest rate, or switch from an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate loan. If you’re looking to refinance, let’s determine your eligibility and get you moving towards a new mortgage.


Have you been denied a loan in the past? Not sure if you’d qualify for a mortgage? Don’t be discouraged. Simply contact us today, so we can get started on finding the best solution to meet your financing needs!

Foreign Nationals Mortgage

We offer loans to non-U.S. citizens, referred to as foreign national mortgages. Qualifications include legal proof of your right to remain in the country, like a social security number, green card, visa, or work permit. Typically, a down payment of 30%-50% of the purchase price is required.

Stated Income Mortgage

If you’re self-employed, a gig worker, or have another form of non-traditional income, this type of mortgage, also referred to as a non-QM loan, can be obtained without using tax returns to verify your income. Most lenders do not offer loans to non-U.S. residents, and we are among the few originators that provide it to qualified borrowers.


A jumbo loan makes high-end home purchases possible, as it’s a mortgage that exceeds the conforming limits set forth by the Federal Housing Financing Agency. On a jumbo loan, you can purchase a higher-priced home with a great rate. Most lenders have stopped offering this type of loan. However, we are one of the few originators that still provide it to qualifying luxury home buyers.